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실전 5분 토익

실전과 동일한 환경의 실전 모의테스트로 시험 감각을 키워보세요.

오늘은 Part 5를 풀어볼까요?

등록일 : 2021-07-01

1.           Ms. Kim went to Davis Energy’s homepage, a message popped up saying that the site is currently being upgraded.

  • (A) In order to
  • (B) Beginning
  • (C) As soon as
  • (D) Due to

2. Bernard was sick yesterday, so Larry finished the design proposal            for the new radio model.

  • (A) him
  • (B) himself
  • (C) he
  • (D) his

3. Tomorrow’s meeting will          ways to attract more subscribers to our magazine.

  • (A) addressed
  • (B) be addressed
  • (C) address
  • (D) addressing